Heart Chakra Diffuser Kit




Heart chakra diffuser kit comes with a diffuser, organic bergamot essential oil and an amazonite stone.

There are 7 main energy centers in our body – chakras. The energy of the chakra affects our emotions and health. Heart chakra is the fourth. It is the balance point between all the chakras. It is associated with self-love, happiness, interior sun and the desire to enter into a relationship with others.

To practice Heart chakra balancing and aligning, use the therapeutic power of organic bergamot essential oil to relieve blockages and assist in regaining the interior sun. Place a few drops on the cotton pad and let the diffuser diffuse the scent.

Amazonite is a gemstone of harmony, filtering negative thoughts and energy. This semi-precious gemstone is believed to balance your energy and helps you to express your feelings. It is considered to be a joyful stone and attracts friendship.




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